Art on paper � and in practice

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Like VOLTA, the Art on Paper fair on Pier 36 was a modestly gauged and user-friendly alternative to the massive and unwieldy Armory Fair. It also presented consistently rich work from a geographically and stylistically broad range of galleries. Here are a few eye-catching selections. From the Upper East Side (but soon to relocate to a larger space
in Chelsea), C. G. Boerner presented a flock of Martin Assig�s pastel-and-wax
drawings, rich but compact, which with handwritten text inscriptions
constitute succinct philosophical essays.

[Image at top: Martin Assig, St. Paul #704, 2015]

 Henry Jackson, Untitled #63-13, 2013

At the fair�s northeastern edge were San Francisco artist Henry Jackson�s playfully lugubrious edge-of-abstraction paintings � unobtrusively combining oil paint with other media � shown by Stewart Gallery of Boise, Idaho.

Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calder�n, Snow on the Sea, 2015

Two elegantly louche hipsters vibrantly collaged within a single large frame by Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calder�n, who are from Spain by way of Bali, anchored the booth of Rebecca Hossack Gallery of Soho (and London).

Martin Puryear, Untitled (State II), 2013

Paulson Bott Press (Berkeley, CA) offered a winsome 2014 Martin Puryear etching, abstract though it seems to bow from the chest.

Patrice Charbonneau, Chevet, 2015

Montreal�s Beaux-Arts des Am�riques showcased several of architect-by-training Patrice Charbonneau�s bright, tactile landscape and interior paintings, which deftly impart the personalities of absent inhabitants to the objects or scenes depicted.

Helen Frankenthaler, Untitled, 1970

Hal Katzen Gallery (E. 78th Street) provided a lot of bang per square foot, arraying small works by Elizabeth Peyton, Alex Katz, Helen Frankenthaler, and David Hockney on a single wall.

Frank Stella, Carpathenburg III, 1996

And there was no escaping Frank Stella, here by way of his collage displayed by New York�s David Findlay Jr Gallery.

Rebecca Morgan, After Party, 2015

Rebecca Morgan�s wryly off-color and on-target drawings graced a wall for Chelsea�s Asya Geisberg Gallery.

In keeping with its host city, the Art on Paper Fair offered something worth seeing literally around every corner. It was an afternoon well spent.

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UES: Rudolf Stingel, Alex Katz, Jane Kent, David Storey, Richard Diebenkorn



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