Raphael Rubinstein in conversation with Jonathan Lasker

When Raphael Rubinstein sat down with Jonathan Lasker at Cheim & Read, they discussed Lasker’s process, imagery, and his relationship to Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting. “The execution seems very conscious and constructed, and yet the origination of the works is an imaginative process…Things lead into other things, sometimes along the way. In the middle of a painting something else can enter in, even though I’ll often have a study…but nonetheless changes and alterations do happen…” Check out the full video below.

Jonathan Lasker,” Cheim & Read, Chelsea, New York, NY. Through February 14, 2016.


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  1. Great interview. Lasker is obviously a very aware, articulate smart guy.

    Interesting that he says he is not primarily (or only) a deconstructionist but finds 'construction' (forget his exact word) elusive but still a goal.

    Isn't that the hard part? Finding something proactively to say rather than look back and make comments about what has been said and how different vocabularies interact. Of course, we can say that that activity of commenting on past vocabularies or strategies of painting is a new statement, but not really. It's a very "inside game". I am not saying it is not valid, but it certainly is limited and timid. I find his "elusive" target far more rewarding, challenging and brave.

  2. It's great to hear an artist speak so articulately about their process. He feels almost scientific in his approach at examining, isolating and exaggerating artistic elements and then composing them to create his original style. Simple yet complex. Refreshing.

  3. Check out the Jonathan Lasker opening reception, walk-through video by NYC Gallery Openings. https://youtu.be/GhV9l8-Zdw4

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