Our first Year-End Fundraising Drive: How you can help

As many of you know, I began publishing Two Coats of Paint
in 2007 and have been fortunate to receive grant funding from the
Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Program,
university funding, and a bit of revenue through Nectar Ads advertising. Even with this support, however, it has been a challenge to cover the
costs of publishing the blog. So this year, rather than apply for more grant funding, I decided to apply for fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas and appeal directly to the Two Coats of Paint community for financial support. Like donations to NPR and other non-profit organizations, all donations to Two Coats are fully tax deductible. 

It seems to me, as corporate interests have taken over blogging and social media, the reasons for supporting Two Coats of Paint are increasing rather than dwindling. In 2015, Two Coats
published over 125 articles about contemporary painting. The blog�s
posse of author contributors and its posting tempo have risen, and this
year I introduced a short-term residency program for artists who live
outside NYC. The blog has covered the exhibitions, projects, and
galleries of many artist readers�a constituency that is often overlooked
by the mainstream media. If the blog is valuable to you, please
consider bolstering Two Coats of Paint in the coming year. No contribution is too small.

Here is what your generous financial contributions will support:

$35 = Payment for one post
$45 = The monthly fee for the newsletter service
$100 = A studio visit with an artist
$150 = Utility bills, data storage, and trash fees for a month
$400 = An artist�s residency for one week
$875 = Office rent
$900 = Artist�s fee to create a silkscreen print for our next fundraising activity
$1000 = Special activities�including an exhibition of work by resident artists
$3000 = Archiving eight years of posts, moving to a secure server, updating code and site design

To donate, click here.

I believe the art world needs independent voices like Two Coats of Paint
to cover contemporary painting, especially the exhibitions and events
that other media may neglect or ignore. As daily newspapers cut art
coverage and monthly art magazines consolidate, it�s all the more
critical for artists, curators, galleries, and collectors to work
together to support the dialogue that sustains the art community.

Donations are completed quickly and efficiently online.

To those who have already donated to our campaign: THANK YOU!

Sharon Butler

PS Contributors who give more than $100 will receive a new canvas Two Coats tote bag!


UPDATE (December 22, 2015): The new totes have arrived from the printer!
Supporters who contribute $100 or more will receive a tote bag as a thank you gift. The new bags feature a diagram of Goethe’s Color Triangle. Sweet! I will be mailing them after the holidays.

UPDATE (November 25, 2015): New Thank you gift!
Our year-end campaign continues, and
readers who contribute $150 or more will receive a proof edition of the
latest artist’s book from Two Coats of Paint Press. Butler’s Goethe Theory of Color, a paperback pocketbook (image below), 404 pages, color cover with black and white interior. Click here
to make your contribution and get a collectible proof, before we
correct all the typos and bad line breaks! Hand drawn cover art and marginalia are included in these proofs.
THANK YOU to all the readers who have made generous contributions already. Remember: The more money we raise, the more posts we can produce in 2016!


Two Coats of Paint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To use content beyond the scope of this license, permission is required.

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