Your June Horoscope! by Crystal �Kitty� Shimski

Transcribed by guest contributor Jennifer Coates / Kitty divides her time between New York City and Montauk. She is a freelance Intuitive Technique Specialist and part-time Trance Inducer. She was recently certified in Trauma Re-alignment and holds a dual Associates Degree in Breath Dancing for Painters and Creative Shock Control from the Online Academy of Spiritual Transit. She is devoted to helping painters live out their truth on the surface of their choosing.

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Cancer 6/21-7/22
A large or very long-suffering painting is finished this month, to your great relief. This painting has required much in the way of mental and physical energy and your right shoulder may be irreversibly injured. Your hand goes numb every few hours and your back is twisted and crooked, you are nursing a hunch, possibly a hump. This is fine! Art is not about looks, despite the fact that many people seem to look sexier than you at openings. They simply have not gone far enough in their own work to break their bodies and spirits as you have: they lack courage and will one day dwindle. Meanwhile your unconscious mind is bubbling to the surface this month. You will have to face facts that you would rather forget, but you may be ready for a psychological breakthrough by the end of the month. Good for you!

Leo 7/23-8/22
You are a very loving person when it comes to your own art, as well as other people, from time to time. You are swept away by love this month whether it�s for your paintings, a new relationship or a bond with your child or your pet. You feel more alive and alert to the cosmos, and this inspires you to experiment with a new type of paint. You have extra confidence when it comes to letting accidents happen on the canvas and you are less likely to keep up with the dishes at home. You are even emboldened to sneak paint sludge back into the turpentine can and put it out with the regular trash, sure that you will not be caught. At the end of June you will be invited to join a group or exclusive gathering of some kind. The answer is yes!

Virgo 8/22-9/23
It is time to move! A full moon in your 4th House of Home Life signals a shift in living or studio quarters. Whether it�s a temporary move to the country or a permanent move to another less expensive city, you will be uprooting yourself in one way or another. Your mother will call you with some emotionally charged news this month, which you will do your best to ignore. You are ready to retreat into your own world, into a domestic bubble featuring much in the way of fattening foods and magical thinking. You may ruin some promising new works in the studio, but it�s a great time to set goals for the future. If you can�t make your painting right, perhaps you can at least update your website. The world is waiting!

Libra 9/23-10/22
Be careful making decisions of any kind this month. The universe is not in support of your mental clarity until late July. However, you may look to your social life for great joy. Make time for delight in the form of drunken BBQ�s and hot openings in un-air-conditioned galleries. Put your work up on spurious design and craft websites. No one whose opinion you respect will find out and you might make enough to cover your electricity bills this summer. You are in the mood to play this month so sit on the floor and make a mess in the studio. Get in touch with your inner child: cry when you need to, cuddle your paint rags like they are teddy bears and suck your cadmium yellow stained thumb if you must. No one is watching! Let you be you!

Scorpio 10/23-11/21
You might feel insecure this month, about your finances, your status in the artworld, your hair or your back fat. Don�t get stuck in a web of self-doubt. Instead of panicking, why not be proactive? Face your fears. Deal with your issues head on! Participate in a pyramid scheme if you are short on cash, lie about what�s coming up for you when people ask, get a haircut, try a juice cleanse! There are so many options available to you. The important thing is to keep painting. If you make good work, the world will eventually embrace you. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, in five years or fifteen. But at some point, your immense storage space of unseen paintings will win the day. Keep the faith!

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21
A full moon causes rare openness in the beginning of the month. You�ll feel relieved to no longer hide your true self. You are forthcoming about emotions and spiritual insights and your friends are receptive. In fact, you may be tempted to take mushrooms for the first time since college. Go for it! Connect with the cosmos and find your inner truth, it will only help clarify content for your next body of work, which will be your best body of work. Your ability to mix colors will also improve as a result, however your finances will not. It might be wise to enlist the help of a professional to get yourself out of the scary debt you have unwittingly accrued while pursuing your passions. Get real!

Capricorn 12/22-1/19
As Venus enters your 8th House of Shared Resources, you may actually find supportive energy around you. A generous offer will come your way in the next few weeks. It�s time to have some trusted friends over to see what you�ve been up to in the studio: but only people who you are pretty sure will say nice things. Your fragile sense of self is worth preserving right now. You invest in nicer brushes and are able to spend more time in the studio. Your biggest problem this month is what to listen to when you are there: you are sick of your music collection and audio books make you antsy. Whatever you choose, make sure to play it loud enough to drown out your noisy neighbors, not to mention your own oppressive thought processes. Turn it all the way up!

Aquarius 1/20-2/18
You will be asked to do to many things this month! Be careful what you say yes to. You can finally afford to pick and choose and not be so desperate all the time. While you are delighted to know you are in demand, you are eager to protect your time in the studio, despite the fact that you have no deadlines coming up. This is your time to get crazy! Paint with abandon, get ugly, scare yourself. It may or may not �pay off� but you will at least have a good time. If you are single, expect new love to bloom. If you want to get back together with your ex, do it! If you are involved with someone, now is the time to invest in house plants. Live it up!

Pisces 2/19-3/20
Your paintings will be in the spotlight this month. Bask in the glory! You will experience harmony both professionally and interpersonally for the first time ever. You can expect to reach clarity with a family member over a long-standing dispute. In addition, you will be asked to recommend others for a grant or award that you wish you would receive yourself. Don�t be greedy! It is time to give back and tamp down your ambitious side. You will be enriched by this opportunity to help others. The important thing is to not let all your success go to your head. You are still strangely shaped with less than stellar skin. Mars, the planet of action is in your 5th House of Pleasure, so go have some fun! Just remember to keep your breath fresh!

Aries 3/21-4/19
Mercury in retrograde affects your communication sector until July. You want to enjoy life but you can�t. While you keep up a strong front, inside you are prone to all kinds of insecurities and paranoia. Try to remind yourself, as best you can, that these are misinterpretations and not based in reality. Why not take some time out for binge drinking? While not the healthiest coping mechanism, it will actually help you in the short term. This month, booze enables you to achieve goals you never thought possible. By early July things will calm down, as you set the stage for positive changes in your domestic world as well as your liver. When things improve at home, they improve everywhere else! Hang in there!

Taurus 4/20-5/20
This month is all about clarity. Do you really have to put up with your annoying studio mate? Should you really keep using those crappy stretchers? Do you really need to shower every day? It�s time to be practical and deal with these questions. Use your signature level-headedness to solve all problems head on. A gorgeous new moon lights up an opportunity to increase cash flow this month, enabling you to rest easy financially for the first time in years. You have more money for art supplies and expensive lunches from the gluten-free, vegan, organic caf� on your block you�ve been dying to check out. Your creative stamina is in overdrive through August, so get up off the couch, put down your devices, stop texting your friends and paint. You are a cosmic pioneer in the landscape of the psyche!

Gemini 5/21-6/20
You are a sailor on the ocean of emotion this month. Your neediness and over-attachment to your mate, your family and/or your close friends is highlighted. This might be a time of painful awakening as you learn how to disentangle and come to terms with yourself. Try some self-help podcasts in the studio! There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom available for download and you will be able to fulfill your co-dependent need for constant contact without having to tire those closest to you. Meanwhile your social self is the epitome of grace and flair. You attract opportunities and attention and your career is on track for an exciting fresh start, after a long dormant period. If you keep your tumultuous feelings to yourself and your therapist, this will be a time of new beginnings. The sky�s the limit!

Editor’s Note: Kitty suggests a trip to see “Love Child” at Ortega y Gasset Projects. Curated by Eleanna Anagnos, she says the show includes works by her “very close friends” Jennifer Coates and David Humphrey, as well as Eva and Adele, Anna Gaskell and Douglas Gordon, Nyeema Morgan and Mike Cloud, Rachel Debuque and Justin Plakas, Maria Walker and Jonathan Allmaier, Carrie Moyer and Sheilah Pepe. “The show is fabulous and you deserve it!”


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  1. Perfectly pitched. For yet another month, I remain both flattened and inspired.

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