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Report: “Command-Z” at Improvised Showboat

Heather Leigh McPherson and Jacob Feige. Installation images courtesy of Zachary Keeting.]

Improvised Showboat, a curatorial project developed by artists Zachary Keeting and Lauren Britton, mounted its seventh one-night show this past weekend in my new DUMBO studio at 55 Washington Street. I gave Keeting and Britton the basic idea: “Command-Z” would include work that reflected our increasing devotion to digital tools and online life. They combined their icks with my short list and invited eachartist to bring one piece by the studio at 5pm the day of the show. On Saturday, Keeting and Britton showed up at 4pm with six cases of PBR, a few bottles of wine, and their installation tools. The artists arrived as scheduled and unwrapped their work. Keeting and Britton hung the show, and the doors opened to the public at 6pm.


Improvised Showboat masterminds Lauren Britton and Zachary Keeting.
Erin O’Keefe is the first artist to arrive, with her photograph rolled up in tube.

Zach hangs paintings by Joshua Sevits and Frances Muldoon, my students from Lesley University’s low-residency MFA program, while Anne-Marie France examines Alexi Worth‘s drawings.

  Joshua Sevits helps Heather Leigh McPherson assemble her two-part painting, on Plexi with latex.
 By 6pm, the installation was complete. From left: Lisa Beck, Sharon Butler (I contributed a recent oil painting of a Triennial wall label), Raphael Zollinger

 Jacob Feige, Andrew Ginzel
Has Lisa Beck’s diptych hypnotized Jacob Feige?
 A still image of Peter Burr‘s pulsating video
 Erin O’Keefe, Alexi Worth, Carrie Pollack, Heather Leigh McPherson, Jacob Feige
 Andrew Ginzel and Tim Portlock
 Heather Leigh McPherson, Lisa Beck, Sharon Butler, Raphael Zollinger

By 6:30, the opening was in in full swing and continued long past the designated 8pm closing time. Once the sun set, we could see the Empire State Building out the window, glowing with red lights in honor of the NYFD’s 150th anniversary. Across the street, the illuminated archway under the Manhattan Bridge seemed larger than life. Finally, when everyone was talked out, the artists deinstalled their work, wrapped it up, and headed out into the night.

Stay tuned for news of Improvised Showboat #8. The rumor I heard is that Kitty Shimski will be hosting in Industry City…

Improvised Showboat #7: Command -Z,” curated by Zachary Keeting and Lauren Britton with Sharon Butler.  Artists included: Lisa Beck, Peter Burr, Sharon Butler, Jacob Feige, Andrew Ginzel, Erin O�Keefe, Heather Leigh McPherson, Carrie Pollock, Tim Portlock, Siebren Versteeg, Alexi Worth, and Raphael Zollinger. 55 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY. Saturday, May 2, 2015.


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