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Out of context: Bushwick Open Studios, 2014

Bushwick Open Studios isn’t just about visiting artists’ studios anymore. Curators and gallerists have gotten involved, organizing events and exhibitions throughout the neighborhood. The curated pop-up exhibitions undoubtedly brought more people into the area, but I heard from several artists that they also drew viewers away from the studios themselves. Their testimony is credible: I confess that I was one of those who was diverted–I only stopped by a couple studios this year.

Clearly the less established artists who aren’t well known enough to be included in the big group shows are hurt by the increasing prevalence of familiar artists and gallery-mounted exhibitions. After eight years, it seems as though gatekeepers may have taken over BOS–ironic and a bit perverse, given that the event was designed to circumvent them in the first place.

Nevertheless, I saw plenty of good paintings, and less entrenched artists were not completely crowded out. Here’s the download from my camera phone with links to each artist.

A pint at The Narrows.
Livros Used Books on Flushing Avenue a few blocks east of The Narrows.

The award for organizing the most ambitious event goes to indefatigable painter Julie Torres, who pulled together “Do It Yourself,”  an exhibition comprising eleven small shows of work by 40+ Brooklyn artists curated by out-of-towners Torres has been collaborating with on BOS events for the past two years. Torres says this is her last mega-BOS project, but we’ll see.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Sharon! Nice to get a little taste of BOS.

  2. Very nice collection of work, Sharon.
    So much to be seen and more every year.

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