EMAIL: Judith Braun’s fingertips propel Kelly Clark to snowboarding bronze

Judith Braun writes this morning:

OK, so all I did was design the snowboard that KELLY CLARK won her OLYMPIC BRONZE on!
…but I am bursting with pride anyway.

So I’m sharing this widely with friends and family because to my surprise (what-do-I-know) many people either love to snowboard, used to snowboard, dream of snowboarding, or know someone who does.

The truth is, I said “no” when Burton first asked me to design because I thought it was too commercial. (again, w-d-i-k)

I wasn’t thinking about the amazing athletes that might choose my board…for an Olympic run no less!

Thank you all for listening.

xo Judith

 That’s Judith’s artwork on the snowboard at right.


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  1. Really cool and kind of subversive. Way to go Judith.

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