Judith Braun: Delicate symmetry

This week Roberta Smith reviews Judith Braun’s stunning drawings on view at Joe Sheftel. Readers may recall that Braun was one of the contestants on the first season of Bravo’s Work of Art but she was cut early in the season after making a finger print drawing with graphite powder.

Most of the WOA contestants have faded
from memory, but, perhaps because she was a seasoned NYC artist already,
Braun’s career has flourished. Here’s an excerpt from Smith’s glowing

It makes sense that Judith Braun,
a veteran artist in her 60s, once made paintings of angels; this is
because it is hard to believe that the exquisite drawings in her current
exhibition were made by human hands. They have a kind of perfection
and innocence that seems untouched and that certainly has nothing to do
with machines. That would seem to leave angels or some other
supernatural force…

 Judith Braun, installation view at Joe Sheftel.

Image at top: Judith Braun, Symmetrical Procedure BKS-16-4, 2009, graphite on Duralar, 16 x 16 inches

 “Judith Braun: May I Draw,” Joe Sheftel, Lower East Side, New York, NY. Through April 21, 2013.


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  1. just to say THANK YOU SHARON…but also…SYMMETRY has two M's. :))

  2. Oops. Thanks Judith. Also another correction: Judith was booted off Work of Art because she spelled "Pride and Prejudice" backward on the bookcover assignment. She writes on Facebook: "And I'll take this opportunity to add to the story of getting booted from the TV show…it was because I spelled Pride and Prejudice backwards on the 'book cover' challenge. They said, that won't sell books! And I said…I thought this was an art show? So…'Edirp and Ecidujerp' forever! (btw…I still have t-shirts.)"

  3. Is Joe Sheftel dating Cindy Hinant?

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