Pop quiz: Madonna and child

Which artists painted these images of the Madonna and child? When and where (what country) were they painted? Correct answers will be announced as soon as we have a winner. Please email answers to twoccoatsofpaint@gmail.com with “Pop Quiz” in the subject area. Good luck!

 Image 1

 Image 2
 Image 3
 Image 4
 Image 5

UPDATE: We have a winner! 
Artist-critic Franklin Einspruch submitted the correct answers as follows: 
Image 1: Cima Da Conegliano, 1504, Italy
Image 2: Duccio, 1300, Italy
Image 3: Giotto, 1330, Italy
Image 4: El Greco, 1599, Spain
Image 5: Raphael, 1502-03, Italy
Congratulations Franklin!


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