Road trip: Skateboards and street art in Beacon, NY

A couple years ago while churning out crafting artist profiles for Artsy, I discovered that the Art Center College of Design illustration program is an incubator for talented street artists, so I wasn’t surprised to learn this week that recent ACC grad Randy Aragon is having a show at Tastes Like Chicken, Matt Held’s new skateboard shop/art gallery in Beacon, NY, specializing in that particular brand of tatoo/street style.

Randy Aragon

Randy Aragon

Sidebar: Readers may recall that Matt Held is the guy who used to paint people’s Facebook profile images. After many years in Brooklyn, Held and his family moved to Beacon last year, opening a small shop on Main Street where they sell decks, trucks, wheels, shoes, clothing and, now, art.

Randy Aragon

Getting back to the exhibition, Aragon, who lists tatoo art in the “analog” section of his CV,  effectively manages the transition to a gallery setting. Moving between two and three dimensions, his work references symbols from ancient Greece, fusing geometric shape with notions of magic and mythological power. In the fall, Aragon is moving to New Haven, where he has been accepted into the MFA program at Yale.

Randy Aragon: Sigils,� Short Walls at the Tastes Like Chicken, Beacon, NY. Through July 11, 2013.

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