Tatiana Berg reports from the satellite fairs, Part II

There’s more satellite fairs in Miami than ever, and while I missed out on a bunch this year the ones I made it to had strong showings of younger, fresher work. It helped that both NADA and Untitled were held right alongside the beach with gorgeous views and forgiving lighting, but these two fairs stand out as the cool kids in my mind.

I had high hopes for NADA; two years ago when I first came to Miami they struck me as the most lively, risky, and exciting of the fairs I made it to. Some people are going to say that NADA’s increase in popularity is pushing it in danger of being just a little bit too trendy, but their very scene-y pool parties are legit fun and there was great work on view.

Michael Williams at CANADA gallery

Gregory Edwards at 47 Canal

Wolfgang Breuer, Vittorio Brodmann, Keith Farquhar, and Caitlin Keogh at Leslie Fritz Gallery

David Deutsch at Feature Inc.

Robert Janitz at Clearing
Peres Projects

Laura Aldridge at Kendall Koppe

Noam Rappaport (center wall) at Ratio 3

Pamela Jordan at Klaus von Nichtssagend

Anna Rosen (left) Christine Wang (right) at Night Gallery

Dave Hardy at Regina Rex

Next, Untitled is the brand-new kid at Miami this year and considerably smaller than its peers, but it started off strong. Their tent is just just incredibly pleasant and breezy, especially after you’ve been cooped up in a convention center all day.

Justin Cooper at moniquemeloche

Charles Hinman at Marc Strauss

Gudmundur Thoroddsen at Asya Geisberg Gallery

Amy Feldman (wall) and Rachel Beach (center) at Blackston

Devin Troy Strother at Monya Rowe Gallery

And there you have it! Safely back in cold and wet New York, looking back at these bright pictures is making me look forward to next year already.

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Contributor Tatiana Berg, recently included in the L Magazine’sBest of Young Brooklyn” feature, has work in “Surfaces, Supports,” an exhibition at Storefront Bushwick, through December 23, 2012. She is an MFA student at Columbia University.


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