How many artists live and/or work in Brooklyn?


Inspired by all the open studio events and the ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, The Brooklyn Museum is organizing a crowd-curated exhibition of Brooklyn artists. Called GO, the the exhibition requires artists to register by submitting images and information to a database, participating in an open studio weekend in September, and then encouraging friends and family to submit nominations for their inclusion in the exhibition. Of course, only a small percentage of the more than 1000 participating artists will be selected for the exhibition, and thus many artists have decided not to take part, but I encourage all Brooklyn artists to register–not because they may be selected for the show (they probably won’t be), but to be part of this historic database of Brooklyn artists. The database promises to be an amazing portrait of the art community. And imagine: If anyone knew exactly how many artists lived
and/or worked in Brooklyn, maybe they would garner more political clout. A
database like this could help.

Yesterday I received a note (sent to all registered artists, I imagine) from GO co-organizer Shelly Bernstein. Due to the recent power outages in the mid-Atlantic region, the June 29 deadline has been extended to July 10.


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  1. Thanks Sharon. I will be taking part, largely for the reasons you mention.

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