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My neighbors at 117 Grattan Street

All around the neighborhood artists are moving work from space to space, hanging shows, and preparing for Bushwick Open Studios, the enormous art community happening that begins tomorrow. More than 542 events and open studios are scheduled in a fourteen hour period, but Art Fag City, Hyperallergic,� ArtInfo, Norte Maar, L Magazine, Bushwick Daily, and Supreme Fiction have all put together some excellent shortlists. (Thanks, everyone, for including the Two Coats of Paint exhibition curated by Austin Thomas!) We hung the show yesterday and it looks terrific.

Rather than compiling a shortlist this year, I’d like to introduce readers to my neighbors at 117 Grattan Street who have registered to participate in BOS2012. Others, like Samuel Adams and Trish Tillman, aren’t registered but will probably open their studios nonetheless. If you’re in the building, don’t forget to stop by and say hello–I’ll be in #419.

Etty Yaniv
“A drawing installation that reflects on self-identity as it is presented through social networks.”
Ofri Cnaani and Evan Reehl Ryer
“Ofri just had a show at Andrea Meislin Gallery in Chelsea titled �Special Effects� and Evan will be curating �Scenic Routes� set to open June 9th at Molloy College Art Gallery.”
Catalin Moldoveanu
“Presenting a new body of work.”
“Co-founded by�architects Emily Stevenson and Natalie Fizer, Pillow Culture is dedicated to promoting the pillow.”
Fedele Spadafora
“Though he shifts easily from portraiture to still life, Spadafora is now most interested in combining figures with New York cityscapes to create seemingly timeless ‘human landscapes.'”
Aida Ben Hamouda: Photography
Andrew Cornell Robinson and Sigfrido Holguin
“Andrew is best known for his ceramics and sculpture, but he also collaborates with artisans and designers. Sigfrido Holguin who with Robinson has created a fashion project called Hoxton has a new line of hand crafted luxury leather accessories.”
Jae Song
“A single piece of 16mm film loops around 2 projectors to create a conversation between the past and the future of one self.”
Martin Wittfooth
“New works for a September solo show at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles”
Patricia Satterlee
” Juggling symbols and historic markers that seem reminiscent of the clarity and simplicity in the modernism of Bourgeois, Klee, and Matisse.”
Adam Miller
” Visually inspired by baroque and Hellenistic scale, Miller’s paintings take a polytheistic approach to contemporary folklore, questions of progress and the experience of human narrative in the face of technological change and the struggle to find meaning in a world poised between expansion and decay.”
Alexandra Pacula
Large-scale photo-realistic paintings of the city at night.

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