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In honor of the College Art Association’s Annual Conference that takes place in Los Angeles this week, I’ve prepared a quiz not unlike the identification portions of the exams we used to take in art history class–but so much more fun when the artists are alive. The following paintings  caught my eye while visiting New York galleries this month. Can readers identify the artist for each work? Send answers, with name and website link, to twocoatsofpaint@gmail.com. Readers who identify all images correctly will be mentioned in a special “Winners” post with images of their work and links to their websites. Good luck!

FYI, I’m about to leave for the airport–look for coverage of the CAA Conference on the Two Coats Twitter page.

UPDATE: Thanks for participating!  Sadly, no one identified all the images correctly, but perhaps we’ll try it again next month…?

Ryan Schneider, Mie in Dress, 2011, oil on canvas, 52 x 40 inches (Freight + Volume)

Louise Belcourt, Mound #9, 2012, oil on panel, 22 x 26 inches (NOTE: Most of the work in the quiz has come down, but Belcourt’s solo show is up at Jeff Bailey through March 17, 2012 )
Santi Moix’s illustrations for Huckleberry Finn, installation shot at Paul Kasmin.

Daniel Heidkamp, Soft Slip, 2012, oil on canvas, 63 x 63 inches (Freight + Volume)


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  1. great work! as being the part of Painting Virginia
    i can understand your passion about painting. So i really appreciate your efforts for all this stuff. thanks for sharing

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