Quick study: Batman, love advice, internships, and the new videographer in town

“Batman Returns,” Joyce Pensato’s show at Friedrich Petzel, was in Time Out New York’s Top Five and listed as ArtCat’s Top Pick this week. Incorporating color in her new paintings, Pensato presents crazed images of Batman, assemblages of toys, ephemera, stuffed
animals, and photographs. Looks good.

The January issue of Art in America just arrived here — better late than never. Faye Hirsch writes about Arlene Shechet’s clay sculpture. “With an awkwardness so skilled it becomes elegant,
Shechet demonstrates a mastery over everything that can go wrong in
ceramics, harnessing wrongness to endless expressive possibility.” Thanks, AiA, for putting it online.


M/E/A/N/I/N/G, A Journal of Contemporary Art Issues, 25th Anniversary Edition, edited by Susan Bee and Mira Schor (and featuring one of my essays) is now available for Kindle.


Don’t miss art critic Ben Davis’s “The Art Lover,” a hilarious column at ArtInfo concerning love and/or art.  Last week gallerist Allegra LaViola asked for dating advice. Ben says don’t be
shy–if you have a question about love and/or art just ask him.


College Art Association is looking for an editorial intern. “Intern assists with
administrative and editorial tasks in the publications department of the
leading professional organization for artists and art historians.” Fifteen hours a  week for either stipend or credit.
Art Fag City is looking for interns. “Ideal candidates have a strong interest in visual art and digital media,
are proficient in MS Office, Quickbooks, and Excel, and possess
excellent writing skills.” I imagine a sense of humor might help, too.

Joanne Mattera posted her essay for Textility,
an exhibition she co-curated with Mary Birmingham at the Visual Arts
Center of New Jersey. “Textility was conceived in Miami last December.
That�s where Mary Birmingham and I, standing by chance in front of an
Arlene Shechet clay sculpture with a surface that can only be described
as velvet, noted the significant number of textile-esque works we had
been seeing in booths and hotel rooms throughout the fairs: knitted
paintings, painted quilts, metal tapestries and more….”


Hyperallergic reports that Joann Kim N��ez of art blog Updownacross is partnering with Skillshare, the online marketplace for offline classes, to build a Creative Arts program.
The next generation: Check out a video report of Austin Thomas’s opening at Heiner Contemporary in DC made by seven-year-old Grant (a la The James Kalm Report).  Go Grant!


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  1. It's great that the Art in America article about Arlene Shechet is online. Can't wait for her next show.

  2. M/E/A/N/I/N/G is available free online, too at http://writing.upenn.edu/epc/meaning/05/

  3. Hey check out (and like) an awesome review of Joyce Pensato's exhibit "Batman Returns" at Friedrich Petzel Gallery by one of the contributors of Culture Catch Mr. Rubenstein at: http://culturecatch.com/art/joyce-pensato

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