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Here are some recent items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed. The “@” symbol indicates that I’m referring to another Twitter-er.

Ann Pibal, “MNGO,” 2010, acrylic on aluminum panel, 12.5 x 17.75″| 2010

1. Painters need room to move! Roberta Smith sez Ann Pibal should open up her conversation. Should she? 

2. Thanks for writing about the dearth of women on the walls:

The Rijksmuseum’s “Portrait of Ramon Satue”, 1823, and right, a diagram of the underlying image compiled by the restorer Anna Krekeler (via The Art Newspaper)

3. LOL//Painters are never surprised by these revelations.RT : Discovery: Goya portrait found under a Rijksmuseum painting using new x-ray technology. http://www.theartnewspaper.com/articles/Hidden-Goya-portrait-discovered/24627

4. Yoder!! //RT : The Genius Shortlist for Art! Heishman, Hashemi, Yoder, Park, Powers & Ford-Terry.

5. I agree w Charlie Finch: Pace’s lighting of Agnes Martin’s paintings was AWFUL.

6. Just read the 60-page faculty workload study compiled about Eastern. Guess what? The 4-4 course load affects teaching effectiveness.

7. RT If you like it, take it home at Art Blog Art Blog:

8. Apply: Richard Diebenkorn Teaching Fellowship at SFAI // Deadline: Nov. 11  

9. RT @ JenGraves // Save Me from Art PR via

 Jenny Saville, “Continuum,” Installation view at Gagosian. Photo by Rob McKeever
Gagosian Gallery // Just posted: “Jenny Saville: Continuum” installation pix from our show currently up at Gagosian Madison Ave fb.me/16M6Xbj9w

11. Just bought my ticket to the NURTUREart benefit——>   

12.  RT Barry Hoggard // Wow some amazing items in the art benefit: Gary Simmons, Mike Kelley, Cindy Sherman

13. Going to see The Mill and The Cross. Me: we should go early–it could be crowded. J: You’re joking, right?  

14. RT @WGBHArtAuction // Kudos to for increasing art’s visibility in Boston! MassArt unveils $120mill expansion plan via

15. Join me at : Teaching Visual Arts Online / Panel Discussion /Thursday, October 6, 6pm

16. Sure Hackman’s good, but 1970s-era BROOKLYN is the real star of The French Connection. Three more days  

17. Brief book review: Joan Mitchell Lady Painter should win awards. EXCELLENT. Get it from your local independent bookseller!

18. The best thing about selling paintings is that you have more money to buy paint and canvas.

19. Sketchbook 1 (2007) and Sketchbook 2 (2008-10) aren’t expensive books, they’re cheap art. Artist proofs available now—>  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Twocoatsofpaint

20. Remember the exhibition ( bit.ly/cTYTpQ) I was organizing for Two Coats of Paint called Against the Tide”? It goes online THIS WEEK. Catalogue designed by CAROLYN LODGE.

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