A different side of Bushwick

In this clip from James Kalm Roughcut, Kalm asks Deborah Brown, curator of “Fresh Paint from Bushwick,” if there is anything about painting in Bushwick that sets it apart from painting anywhere else. Brown doesn’t think so. “People are working with ideas that are being used elsewhere but I tried to highlight some of the more interesting ones. Painting is not a trendy thing. It demands a commitment from the viewer as well as from the artist in an ongoing engagement, so I think the idea of trend is maybe not germane to this discussion. I tried to pick serious artists who I thought were investigating serious ideas in their painting.” Artists include Gina Beavers, Holly Coulis, Halsey Hathaway, Rachel LaBine, Kerry Law, Adam Simon and Josette Urso.

Co-director of STOREFRONT in Bushwick and a painter herself, Brown is right. Painting in Bushwick (and elsewhere) is diverse, but many curators seem to be focusing on the provisional, casualist aesthetic in group shows this summer. Much as I love this kind of work, it’s good to see Brown pull something together that’s completely different.

 “Fresh Paint From Bushwick,” curated by Deborah Brown. Standpipe Gallery, New York, NY. Through September 2, 2011.


  1. Yes, when I first heard about the show I expected to see more of the casualist aesthetic. It was very good to see something different. Congrats to Deborah Brown and the artists involved.

  2. Really liked Deborah's comments about painting, especially the part about painting not being a trend and that
    painting takes a commitment from viewer and maker. Great stuff!

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