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Here are some recent items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed. The “@” symbol indicates another Twitter user.

  1. Video: Aruna D�Souza talks about feminist artists, gender and institutional bias @MuseumModernArt http://bit.ly/bhrotB

    Alvin Baltrop photograph
  2. Great show//RT @kvvnrggn: Come to Famous Accountants and groove on Alvin Baltrop with us. We’ll be here until 6 PM. Yes.    
  3. Disturbing: American Electra @harpers by Susan Faludi // On Feminism’s ritual matricide http://bit.ly/cyATHw
  4.  I love getting up on Sundays mornings and checking out the painting progress from Saturday night.  
  5. @vvork posted paintings by G�nther F�rg http://bit.ly/98BeZ2 and Silvia B�chli http://bit.ly/d06FOR last week.  

    Number 318: Christian Herzig (1975, Bad Salzungen, Germany)
  6. Great blog from Amsterdam: A Thousand Living Painters http://bit.ly/afyPk6

    Here I am (in blue) with Austin Thomas (at left) and Culture Pundits mastermind Barry Hoggard at Thomas’s STOREFRONT opening on Friday night. Photo: Jason Andrew

    “”This is a wonderful show. It embraces you even as it says to go fuck yourself. Perfect in the small space.” —Judith Braun, artist and season 1 “Work of Art” contestant

  7. Austin Thomas at STOREFRONT  http://twitpic.com/2peklo  
  8. RT @artfagcity: raising $10,000 to produce a record w/ over 40 different artists. Help spread the word! http://bit.ly/cuUsu4 #soundofart  
  9. Yes. Yes I do. //RT @hragv: You know you want to enter the Hyperallergic tshirt contest, admit it…ADMIT IT! http://tumblr.com/xi6iqnxd0  
  10. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. Digital Media Visiting Artist. Two-year appointment, non-renewable. Start July 1, 2011 http://bit.ly/9fOhw8
  11. Two Coats house band Conversion Party gets some love, compared to Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, and Wolf Parade http://bit.ly/aoMtjP
  12. Thinking, well, critically about “Critical Thinking” http://bit.ly/649OJz

    Michele Araujo, work in progress.

  13. Studio visit in DUMBO w Michele Araujo http://twitpic.com/2ly3eo  
  14. Thanks @TylerGreenDC for writing about the dearth of women in the NGA collection. http://bit.ly/aUp4M2
  15. Separtated at birth: John Locke and Loren Munk #finallywatchingLOSTonnetflix
  16. Thanks everyone for adding Two Coats of Paint to your course websites and syllabi this semester.       

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