Work of Art Contest: Two Coats of Paint Edition

UPDATE: (July 18): Farrell Brickhouse is the winner of the Two Coats contest.

UPDATE (July 10): Finalists include Farrell Brickhouse, Kim Neudorf, Mira Gerard, and Timm Mettler. The winner to be announced soon.

Inspired by the new Bravo reality show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Two Coats of Paint is starting a contest of our own to promote the new Two Coats Facebook Page, provide an opportunity for readers to share their work and, well, meet one another. To participate in the contest, readers must simply comment on Two Coats Facebook Page posts. Be insightful, funny, articulate, stupid–whatever. As Sarah Jessica Parker implored in the first WANGA episode, “Be courageous…be yourselves!” The winner(s) will receive a solo post about his/her paintings on Two Coats of Paint. (I wish I could offer 100,000 bucks and a solo show at The Brooklyn Museum like the TV show, but this is the best I can do.) All comments posted before June 30 will be considered. Prizes are decided solely on the basis of Facebook commenting, not portfolios or exhibition history. Good luck!

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  1. Great I will head right over!!

    Art by Karena

  2. What about those of us who don't use Facebook? Is there anyway to enter?

  3. Sorry, but no. I thought EVERYbody used Facebook now…? The July contest will not rely on Facebook, so if you don't want a Facebook, wait for July.

  4. I'm actually quitting Facebook. I've had it with Zuckerman.

  5. Em, I can't blame you for unfriending Facebook, but so many people, especially painters, use it instead of an RSS reader.

  6. I love your dress, where can I get those shoes.

  7. WANGA! I think I coined this acronym (which is a semi-ridiculous claim, since the acronym was always there), and all should be aware that "WANGA" also means "big dick." I'd love comrade Saltz to write a deconstructivist piece on THAT!

    Continuing with the dirty acronym fun, I'm proposing that the winner's exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum be called "WANGA in the BM."

  8. Proof of WANGA coinage: http://bit.ly/dl8WP1

    My life is complete is this becomes what *everyone* calls the show, including Oprah. OMG.

  9. Dear Sharon!!
    You look so mahveloos in your bootiful dress and high heel shoes! But I am afraid zee judges will not like zhiz work… I zink dat you will criteezied for zee poor photoshop work wis your tete slapped on to Mzzzz. Chow's gorgeous bodee. I can also tell you are not accostimed to zee spike heels. You might be goingz on home.

    Au revoir!
    Simon D

    PS I am zee only one actually qualified to judge zee show, and I am not zee judge… Mon Dieu

  10. Hey, just found you guys via Twitter. We have a group of artists doing a similar thing: following Work of Art and recreating the challenges. I'm loving what the show has inspired! Please check us out if you get the chance:

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