Teaching, discussing, and summer camp

Today I’ll be at Gateway Community College in Connecticut participating in a panel discussion with Austin Thomas, Todd Jokl, and Hrag Vartanian. The panel, organized by Debbie Hesse, is part of a daylong seminar for artists called “Taking Care of Business” that the Greater Hartford Council has organized. Here’s what we’ll be discussing: What if you made a website and nobody ever saw it? OK. You have a website. Now What? How do you tweet, blog, vlog and facebook to drive folks to your website? This panel will explore ways in which artists can use the Internet, specifically, websites and social media platforms, as tools for marketing and promoting their work. Website design sources will be discussed as well.

Save the Dates: In July I’ll be attending Camp Pocket Utopia at Rouse Point, NY, and in January, I’ll be offering an online course at Eastern Connecticut State University on art blogging and social media. Registration starts in the fall. More details to come.

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