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Andy Warhol, detail, “Ethel Scull 36 Times,” 1963, acrylic and silkscreen on canvas, 100″x144″

In January, Mira Schor received a grant from Creative Captol/Warhol Foundation to develop a blog,  and last week she launched A Year of Positive Thinking. In her first few posts, Schor cruises around town looking for art to love.  She stopped by Acquavella Gallery to see Robert & Ethel Scull: Portrait of a Collection. “I feel like I knew the Sculls personally because I show Emile de Antonio�s 1973 great documentary film Painters Painting whenever I teach about the New York School, which means often,” Schor reports. “The Scull�s appearance is a highlight of a film full of highlights: I love the scene where Ethel, with a vivacious enthusiasm that seems at once genuinely innocent and rapaciously disingenuous, describes Andy Warhol, armed with bags of coins, creating her portrait by taking her to Times Square to have her picture taken in photo booths in a tacky arcade. So it is great to see the painting in the show.” Welcome to the blogosphere.


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  1. I feel exactly the same way about Painters Painting.. I love the moment when the Sculls show up in the picture! I think all of the painting students I showed the film were all bowled over by how handsome Rauschenberg was..

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