Five Minutes @ The Aldrich

Thomas Doyle, “Acceptable losses,” 2008, mixed media, 16 x 13.5 inches diameter
Mia Brownell, “Still Life with Sweet Dreams,” 2010, oil on canvas, 48×60.” Courtesy Sloan Fine Art
Colin Burke, Window Shopping installation featuring cyanotype images and the objects depicted.

Paula Billups, “Recognition,” 2008, oil on panel, 13″x 12″

On Saturday night  I participated in “For Artists Only,”  a networking event for local artists organized by The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. The Aldrich, located in bucolic Ridgefield, Connecticut, tends toward thought provoking, New York-centric exhibitions, but through their Radius program, they try to help regional artists build careers.  I tweetcasted the event live as 17 regional artists each made excellent five-minute presentations about their work. Here are my Tweets, with links (when available) to each artist’s work. 

16. Julie Dotoli: Curvy line unpainted plywood shapes flat and interlocking in rearrangable groupings. 
15. Paula Billups: Painterly realism, lonely enigmatic imagery, austere palette.
14. Lannie Hart: Steel, resin, pretty, grrl power. Doll-like figures explore. art history, myths, iconic imagery.

13. Sharon Butler: Images of work for upcoming exhibition @STOREFRONT, August 2010, with Cathy Nan Quinlan. Curated by Hrag.
12. CSU prof Mia Brownell paints fruit, food, and molecular structure.
11. James Sparks: Traditional painter, landscape hyperrealism. 6-12 months per painting.
10. Alan Taylor: Doodler. Black ink, colored pencil, enlarged and output digitally. 
9. Matt Kinney–Big saws and wooden signs. He had shack in Beacon at Habitat for Artists, too! Small world. 
8. Carla Rae Johnson: Well researched Seance Series features pieces like “Emily Dickenson meets Marcel Duchamp.” 
7. Steve Hunter: Encaustics, intuitive markmaking channeling emotional states. Creation myths, superstition.
6. Leticia Galizzi: Acrylic collages about the impossibility of catching the whole.
5. Colin Burke: Cyanotypes of ordinary objects like shopping carts. 
4. Thomas Doyle: mini diaramas based on notions of house and family life, under glass, address notions of unreliable memory. 
3. Keith Ramcourt: Construction worker involved w color, surface, metaphor of industrial materials. Titles from naval sites.
2. Ladies Auxiliary: Domestic chores reframed as art projects. LOL.
 1. Black and white photography by Joan Fitzsimmons .

NOTE: If you are an artist who does not have a link in the list above, please send it to me and I’ll add it to your listing. Thanks!


Just arriving in Ridgedield,CT, which couldn’t be more different than Patterson, NJ #efny @thealdrich #aldrichT


  1. I love all that you share with the art world.

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    Art by Karena

  2. thanks for the add!
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