Buckwalter, wishing, for once, you would just stop coping

“Well, I Wish For Once, You Would Just Stop Coping,” a selection of recent drawings from San Francisco-based artist, blogger, and mixtape master, Timothy Buckwalter, opens at Factory Outlet Gallery, in Mokelumne Hill, California today. Chosen from Buckwalter’s massive archive, the show features highlights from Buckwalter�s last five years of ink drawings, as well as a new specially commissioned large scale piece for the gallery. To produce his wry word-based drawings, Buckwalter sorts through old comic strips, hacking out bits of dialogue that offer insight, often in a humorous vein, into universal- or self-understanding. The phrases are abbreviated and edited on a computer, resized, and then hand-painted onto sheets of paper. The resulting expressions hover somewhere in the grey area between self-loathing, self-loving, anger, and despair. For his installation at Factory Outlet Gallery, Buckwalter has covered the walls top to bottom with ink-drawn statements and declarations, freezing what might be fragments of conversations and thought, heard or imagined, onto the permanence of the page.

Timothy Buckwalter: Well, I Wish For Once, You Would Just Stop Coping,” Factory Outlet Gallery, Mokelumne Hill, CA. May 1 – June 2, 2010

“Timothy Buckwalter: Imitation of Life,” Green Life Cafe, Philadelphia, PA. Through May 2010.

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