What I'm working on

Snapshots of work in progress. These paintings, photographed in my tiny attic work room, are oil on canvas, 30″ x 40.”

Here’s what I told the University of Connecticut senior painting majors last night during a CAA-style presentation (notes, images, podium, and so forth) that covered painting, writing, blogging, and other ongoing activities.

“…I prefer to embrace shortcomings and imperfections, frame more questions than answers, and tease out broad ideas, all of which help me  maintain a kind of constructive confusion throughout the process….”


  1. Very promising new work, Sharon. I am a fan of your work and your blog.

  2. these are nice. and like them photographed within the space.

  3. I am loving these new works of art. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sharon!

  4. Sharon,
    Wow! These are wonderful!

  5. I like these. The top one especially moved me to say so!


  6. Primarily, I choose door number 3!

  7. I like these. Are you the lovechild of Mondrian and Nozkowski, by any chance?

  8. Hah! I love that description!


  9. The photo at the top is the stronger piece.
    Great job Sharon, and great blog!

  10. Hi Sharon, I just wanted to thank you (and James!) for your care and consideration in reviewing my show. with Big Regards, Scott Richter

  11. This is very exciting work Sharon!!!

  12. I love this work! Your paintings, like your words of wisdom to the painting students, are a generous road map for life. Thank you.

  13. Nozkowski, yes, a completely underrated but first rate painter, perhaps the best of his generation and former art director of Mad Magazine was my first thought as far as parental unit. Alfred Jensen and Brice Marden were my 2nd, but in my minority opinion (and it is just that, no one else will agree) neither of the latter two painters can hold a candle to Thomas Nozkowski, if one doesn't use money as the yardstick of quality, which it absolutely is not. These are aesthetic objects, not commodities. Now how the genetics of that scenario play out I have no idea, it will probably be possible with stem cell research soon.
    With all that said, I enjoy the paintings and I usually don't; that is all meant as a compliment to the painter.

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