The Promotion Project at CAA in Chicago

This month I’ll be in Chicago to present The Promotion Project at the College Art Association’s Annual Conference. Please stop by the ARTExchange, free and open to the public, in the Hyatt Regency on Friday, February 12, 6-8pm. Artists from all over the country will be presenting prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, small installations, performance, sound, and spoken word projects, and I’ll be live blogging the event via iPhone (if I’ve got 3G connectivity) on my other blog, @ Bushwick & Main.  In case you haven’t been following the project, it involves an exhibition of letters written in support of my application for promotion (pictured above) at Eastern Connecticut State University. The project is dedicated to all the unorthodox artists who are making their way in conventional art departments and universities.

About the project: 
Putting together a successful application for academic promotion involves sifting through years of paperwork from past projects and attempting to explain their relevance�-without sounding like a egomaniacal blowhard. It’s an unapologetically narcissistic undertaking. At ECSU the activities are divided into four categories: teaching, creative activity, professional activity and service to the University. To make the process more interesting and to help put blogging, world-building, and the multitasking, DIY nature of contemporary art practice in context, I asked readers to participate, and I received letters from people at all levels of the art world–artists, critics, collectors, curators, readers, and, of course, bloggers. Although the outcome of the promotion application won’t be announced until the spring, the portfolio of support letters will be presented at the CAA ARTExchange. I’m in the process of turning the project into an artist’s book, which will be available through Lulu.com as soon as I learn whether my application has been approved or rejected.

Collaborators include:

Sharon Arnold, Seattle, WA
Amy Bassin, Long Island City, NY
Farrell Brickhouse, Staten Island, NY
Timothy Buckwalter, San Francisco, CA
F. Lennox Campello, Washington, DC
Jenny Zoe Casey, Tavares, FL
Patrick J. Donovan, Washington DC
Ted Efremoff, Willimantic, CT
Laurie Fendrich, New York, NY
Brad Guarino, New London, CT
Mary Addison Hackett, Culver City, CA
Ross Harney, ECSU student
Paul Gustafson, Farmingdale, NY
Lisa Klow, Laurel, MD
Joanne Mattera, New York, NY
Thomas Micchelli, Chatham, NJ
Ross Page, ECSU student
Jane Rainwater, Andover, CT
Julie Sadler, Canajohorie, NY
Mira Schor, New York, NY
Andrea Scrima, Berlin, Germany
Kathy Stockman, Cincinnati, OH
Rebecca Taylor, Los Angeles, CA
Austin Thomas, New York, NY
Hrag Vartanian, New York, NY
Leigh Waldron-Taylor, Providence, RI
Victoria Webb, West Chester, PA

An Xiao, Brooklyn, NY

Hearty thanks to all collaborators for helping with the project, as well as Art Fag City, C-Monster, Absent Without Leave, and Joanne Mattera Art Blog for generously promoting the project back in September.

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  1. Good luck – I love it when a plan comes together!

  2. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about this! Thanks for letting so many of us be a part of it 😀

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