Twitter notes

Here are some items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed.

  1. Hey Blake Gopnik! How about recommending some NYC shows by WOMEN? http://bit.ly/5JUN2w 8:17 PM Nov 20th 
  2. Getting in the mood for Miami: http://bit.ly/7eWOzQ 7:26 PM Nov 20th
  3. See you at the art blogger panel @ Art Miami 4:28 PM Nov 20th
  4. Spent the morning explaining Twitter, blogging and the whole idea of decentralized media to incredulous university colleagues. 11:56 AM Nov 20th
  5. I want to produce an art TV show for Oprah’s new TV channel. #oprah 11:22 AM Nov 20th
  6. Jonathan Stevenson and Steve Simon on the real shock of Fort Hood http://tiny.cc/1jStZ 7:56 PM Nov 18th
  7. Welcome @Thecolinmcenroe back to Twitter! 12:53 PM Nov 18th 
  8. Jonathan Stevenson talks nukes with Alan Bisbort at the Hartford Advocate today http://bit.ly/1k4fUZ 11:07 AM Nov 18th
  9. Saltz tells Green to get a grip. Green says “I don’t hate you!” Winkleman calls for a public debate. http://bit.ly/2DFDbp 11:13 AM Nov 17th  
  10. Calling an art space “New Museum” is like tatooing your entire face: You’ll have a harder time growing up than other kids. 3:07 PM Nov 14th 
  11. Thanks to the Phillips Collection for supporting art blogging through Culture Pundits http://bit.ly/lgTQV 8:46 AM Nov 12th 
  12. Austin Thomas visits Mira Schor’s studio. Then Loren Munk’s hideaway http://bit.ly/2QLY75 8:08 PM Nov 11th
  13. No-Big-Surprise Dept: No painters among $100,000 Ordway Prize finalists http://bit.ly/2bwjPk
  14. Thanks for including Two Coats in “100 Best Blogs for the Literati” http://bit.ly/435uY3 3:19 PM Nov 10th 
  15. RT @artwhirled: Alejandro Gehry @ Robert Berman (**) Bad Sue Williams slapped over a bad Hans Hoffmann just equals bad http://bit.ly/25IE8j

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