Heather Brown: Cartoonish, but carefully observant

Heather Brown, “Calendar,” 2009, ink on paper, 18 x 20.5″

Installation view
Heather Brown�s drawings remark�often obliquely�on the devices of drawing by revealing or collapsing formal idioms in a sometimes awkward, humorous or brutal fashion. Her idiosyncratic and experimental process lays bare the labor as revisions accumulate on the surface. In LA Weekly, Christopher Miles reports that the drawings often deal in the sort of raw physicality that will be familiar to those who know Brown�s paintings, with plays on space � actual 3-D space, illusionistic space and page space � in ways that border on a kind of draftsman�s physical comedy, combined with a drawing style that is cartoonish but also careful and observant, and defined by an economy of flourishes and abbreviations.”If you�re looking for academic figuration, you�ll unquestionably be disappointed by this offering. But if you�re looking for figuration that�s genuine, smart and pleasurable, and maybe a bit poignant about modern life and love, you might find a bit of homespun magic here.”
Heather Brown: Drawings,” Parker Jones, Los Angeles, CA. Through December 5, 2009.

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