Ran Ortner wins biggest art prize ever

Ran Ortner, a painter from Brooklyn, was named the grand prize winner Thursday night in the ArtPrize, a public competition in Grand Rapids, Mich. He will receive $250,000, which organizers of the ArtPrize said was the largest cash prize ever awarded in an art competition. In all, the finalists shared $449,000 in awards. He’s represented by Causey Contemporary (formerly  Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art) in Williamsburg. (via)


  1. Thanks Sharon for announcing this for Ran. His painting Open Water 24 is breathtaking.

    One small correction. Ch'i Contemporary Fine Art started their 10 anniversary year in September by becoming Causey Contemporary in honor of owner and director, Tracy Causey-Jeffery's parents who have been her moral support since her first gallery in Maryland 15 years ago.

  2. WOW…must be part of the stimulus plan…not worth more then 350,000…maybe if it had a boat!!!!

  3. my god….sorry, but this aint arty enuff. Got car dealership written all over it

  4. I used to paint cycloramas like this for a game ride at a famous seaside nature reserve.

    I got really good at the foaming waves as well. I took my cue from Turner. No one noticed.

  5. Ran is a jerk. He entered this event with the understanding that the top choice piece of art would be "gifted" to the Artprize organization and Grand Rapids host community. He now refuses and has sold the piece to a private collector AND took the $250K payment. What WAS a wonderful event and opportunity to celebrate art has been tainted by his greed. Same on him and don't comt back.

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