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 Alex Paik, “Hey, Hey Housetop,” 2009, mixed media, 8″ x8″

Alex Paik: Playground Counterpoint,” Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA.
Through September 25. “Not even as children do we avoid conflict. Though the word ‘playground’ surely conjures up images of fun and camaraderie, many of us just as clearly remember � on the very ground meant for frivolity; as a counterpoint to our studies � bullying and intimidation. In this season of memories of schoolyards and playgrounds, Paik�s new work evokes that mostly jubilant place, with its residual tinge of the danger in abandon. “

Peter Schroth, “Ocean,” oil on paper mounted on panel, 28 x 28″

Joanne Mattera, “Silk Road 122,” oil and encaustic on panel, 12″ x 12″

Slippery When Wet: Suzan Batu, Susan Homer, Nancy Manter Joanne Mattera, Andrew Mockler, Don Muchow, and Peter Schroth,” Metaphor, Brooklyn, NY. September 18-November 22. “5 painters and 2 photographers explore this liquid realm bringing the stillness of art and a variety of sensibilities to bear on the the restless motion of this most common yet still elusive element.”

Matt Held, “Sharon Butler,” (This painting is not in show, but what the hell, it’s a portrait of me! Read the full story here.)

Matt Held:  Facebook Portraits,” Platform at Denise Bibro, New York, NY. Through October 3. “The exhibition features more than 40 canvases painted from Facebook profile photos. They encompass works which are funny, cool, quirky, and sometimes disturbing.”

Kylie Heidenheimer, Installation view at  532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

Kylie Heidenheimer: Rift,” Through Sept. 10. 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY. Through October 6. “Suggestions of subject matter – Americana, natural phenomena, cosmology, weather maps, calligraphy and the primordial – seem to blend at junctures, becoming traces of their former selves. In this connection, Stephen Maine writes: ‘Pictorial fact is implied rather than stated, tapping into the part of the viewer’s brain engaged with becoming rather than being. The opposite of illustration, [Heidenheimer’s] work pursues the phantom image.'”

Also be on the lookout for shows by Daily Operation, a curatorial project by Jon Lutz, that mounts shows in studios, apartments, parks, empty real estate, and other venues. Tomorrow: ‘I Wanna Be Somewhere,” 103 Reade Street, # 2, New York, NY. Wednesday, September 16, 6-9pm. “Each artist has created their own version of a diorama using the title as a jumping off point. The show attempts to marry the diorama format with their way of working. Beyond a size constraint, there were no rules about how traditional the works end up or the supports, materials, shape, etc. used.”

Cara Ober, installation view.

Cara Ober: Love Letters,” Civilian Art Projects, Washington, DC. Through October 17. “Love Letters is Baltimore-based artist (and award-winning blogger) Cara Ober�s first solo exhibition with Civilian Art Projects. Ober layers drawing, painting, and printmaking into mixed media works that examine and reinterpret sentimental imagery. Intricate and funny, Love Letters explores the relationship of the artist to image, word, and personal meaning found in the exploration of secret fantasy and expressive interlude.”

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