Dalton of Troy

Jennifer Dalton “Information Flow,” 2000, oil on paper, 9.5 x 7″
Jennifer Dalton, 2006 installation view of “Would You Rather be a Loser or a Pig?” at Plus Ultra (now represented by Edward Winkleman).
Jennifer Dalton, “How Do Artists Live?” 2008

 �Is It Just Me?� surveys the last 10 years of Jennifer Dalton�s sculptures and installations based on exhaustive �excavations� of herself and her surroundings. Dalton, who started out as a painting undergrad at UCLA (see more of her chart and graph paintings, click here), is an archaeologist of the presentday, collecting and examining personal and cultural information, organizing and evaluating the information according to her own unique criteria, and displaying the findings in sculptural installations consisting of assembled or handmade objects. According to The New Yorker, Dalton, rather than being hamstrung by the onslaught of art biz info, turns the information into art. “A wall of miniature action figures laden with shopping bags details the tastes (‘old masters,’ ‘contemporary,’ ‘tribal art’) of prominent collectors. A slide show of graphs and charts asks, ‘How Do Artists Live?’ (Answer: twenty-five per cent get money from their parents; eight-hundredths of a per cent report income from illegal sources.) A case filled with gray rubber bracelets offers viewers a chance to identify themselves as ‘losers’ or ‘pigs,’ reiterating how, in the art-plus-business equation, no one comes out clean.”

Jennifer Dalton: Is It Just Me?� organized by Tara Fracalossi, Hudson Valley Community College, Teaching Gallery, Troy, NY. Through October 24.

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