Studio visit with Daniel Albrigo

Daniel Albrigo, “Untitled,” 2009.

Daniel Albrigo, “Untitled,” 2008.

At Fecal Face Julian Duron reports that hanging out with Daniel Albrigo, a self-taught still-life painter, is “definitely the opposite experience to surfing this crazy ‘ol Internet. Whether in the painting studio or at the ‘office’ inside the revered NYC tattoo shop, Adorned, his workspace is laced with visual stimulation…. sort of like finding secret passage into a hidden space between the walls that was once kept by an Eastern port-town dentist and tattoo artist at the turn of the century. Daniel’s portfolio exhibits masterful paintings and some awesome rustic artifacts. His upcoming exhibitions include The Renwick Gallery, where he will be sharing half the gallery with and painting portraits of Genesis Breyer P. Orridge (of Psychic TV / Throbbing Gristle).” Check out images of Albrigo’s studio here.

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  1. Very realistic photographic looking paintings. Especially having worked in a dental lab myself!

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