Studio Update: 246 Editions released my print today

Here’s the press release from 246 Editions, where director Matthew Langley’s goal is to make high-quality prints that everyone can afford.

“246 Editions is pleased to announce our fifth edition: ‘Scanned Sketchbook’ by Sharon Butler. When we approached Sharon to publish her work here, we expected to see more of her expressive and thoughtful paintings streamlined into an approach that really works for prints. What we received was far more than we hoped for and in a different direction than we expected. I’m always thrilled when someone’s work is robust enough to push itself in a different direction while still maintaining all of the great things you liked about the work in the first place.

“With that said Sharon flipped the switch by allowing us to look into her process by working directly from her sketchbooks and delivering a finely taught piece of art. Sharon’s decision to go this route was encouraged by conversations with John Davis (of The John Davis Gallery, where she is currently showing her paintings) and collectors who were interested in her project. We love it when a round table discussion or even a cocktail party brings out great things. We hope you do too.”

To buy the print (at fifty bucks, a great deal) click here.

Sharon Butler, “Scanned Sketchbook”
2009, archival pigment print

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  1. � BTW � Sharon, you might want to check out the British painter Andrew Bick at the Hales Gallery or the current post at Londonpainting.

    I see some affinities with your work.

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