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Some recent posts from the Two Coats of Paint Twitter Feed.

  1. Nominations for the $20,000 award are due Friday: http://bit.ly/zJM5I
  2. Opens tomorrow: Moyna Flannigan, Trouble Loves Me http://bit.ly/11F56z
  3. BAM auction results for paintings (with value, opening, and and leading bids): http://bit.ly/9sbsH
  4. RT @anniebissett: Grants, fellowships, residencies, resources for artists: Mira’s List – http://miraslist.blogspot.com/
  5. New gallery opens in P-town: http://bit.ly/C6gvD
  6. RT @visitnewhaven: RT @newhavecultural: May 14. Status Update Artist Reception. 5-7pm @ Haskins Laboratories. http://www.newhavenarts.org
  7. Go ahead–read Rita Ackermann’s diary: http://bit.ly/10ATNZ
  8. Architectural Digest editor miffed that art director Jeffrey Nemeroff is a painter: http://bit.ly/LVWFq
  9. What’s with the security at those small Dutch museums? Second heist this month: http://bit.ly/tXiJj
  10. Is it better to have someone do something, no matter how stupid, than nothing?? http://bit.ly/yyzZA
  11. Prince William declares,”I am Banksy!” http://bit.ly/xRAZ

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