Peter Saul: “Monument to garish, adolescent overkill”

In the NY Observer, Mario Naves reports that Peter Saul’s paintings at David Nolan aren’t as funny or caustic as they should be. “Bernie Madoff and his testicles make a fleeting appearance in Peter Saul�s exhibition of paintings and works-on-paper at David Nolan Gallery, and New Yorkers are poorer for it. Actually, it�s Mr. Madoff�s castration Mr. Saul depicts. Notwithstanding the artist�s typically over-the-top finger-pointing, the ‘Maddoff’ drawings aren�t anywhere near as disgusting, funny or caustic as they should be. The Ponzi King deserves, not commentary done on a deadline, but vitriol made gross and lurid through paint. Mr. Saul�s finicky style, with its innumerable pats of oversaturated color, is inherently anti-immediate; we�ll have to wait for his definitive take on capitalist excess and arrogance. But then, topicality isn�t Mr. Saul�s forte. Bile is. For the last 50 years or so, he�s thrived on the stuff, and created a body of work that stands as a monument to garish, adolescent overkill.” Read more.

Peter Saul: New Paintings� David Nolan Gallery, New York, NY. Through May 23.

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