Big Love: Artists and Social Networking Technology

Big Love,” a conversation I’m organizing via the FaceBook Event Invitation feature, is part of the “Status Update” show at Haskins Laboratories in New Haven. Confirmed guests include Matt Held (I�ll Have my Facebook Portrait Painted by Matt Held), Paddy Johnson (Art Fag City), Sharon Kleinman (author of Displacing Place), An Xiao (Thatwaszen), and other Facebook Friends and Twitter pals. Watch as the RSVPs roll in (This morning: Jerry Saltz is out, New Haven Advocate is in), and feel free to leave a message on the Invitation Wall, which will be included in the show.

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“I get invitations to at least 10 of these a day. And why not my own? So I put together a nice little mixer, inviting all the artists in my hood that I never get to see because my career is more important than theirs and that’s why they need to come to MY place. So a few people came, and it was a fucking wake, for sure. (oooooops again!) Since I’m hoping to sell everything I make, and what I haven’t made yet, this was really a downer. So the economy sucks donkey dong, so no one hasn’t sold anything in four months, so no one can afford health insurance, so my husband doesn’t have a real job, so none of the artists I know are trained to do anything but make some useless unsaleable stuff, so shut the fuck up with our whiny selves.!!!!!! Yesterday, my clown outfit did not cheer anyone up, so I decided that we should all get together and sing a chorus of ‘Tomorrow!'”

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  1. I really look forward to following this event!

    I’m fascinated by the way these worlds become entwined. It seems technology in one sense makes an artist’s ability to network easier, but could potentially be overwhelming on a grand scale. I am eager to see how art changes overall because of this.

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