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“HOME,” Westport Arts Center Main Gallery April 3 � June 1, 2009
Westport Arts Center�s exhibition HOME, curated by Eric Aho, features paintings and drawings that touch on the mental, physical and emotional connections to home.

According to Aho, �These artists point out that the range of our associations with �home� is as wide and varied as our own unique circumstances. Through their work we are reminded that the notion of home is seldom a fixed idea. Instead, it is as conditional as our memory and vulnerable to change without notice.� The drawings and paintings Aho selected for the exhibition range from the 1920s to the present, highlighting artists� perennial interest in and the shifting attitudes toward the topic of home.

Artists include Debra Bermingham (b.1953), Charles Burchfield (1893�1967), Quentin Curry (b. 1972), Edwin Dickinson (1891�1978), Soren (b. 1975) and Rayna deNiord (b.1978), Lois Dodd (b.1927), Kim Dorland (b.1974), Duncan Hannah (b.1952), Lousia Matth�asd�ttir (1917-2000), Kristine Moran (b. 1974), Shane Neufeld (b.1982), George Nick (b.1927), Devin O�Neill (b.1971), Fairfield Porter (1907�1975), Charles Ritchie (b.1954).May 7: Curator talk with Eric Aho, 7:00 pm”Valeri Larko: Urban Edges,”

Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ. April 5-June 21, 2009.

Larko, who spends a lot of time wandering around the vast industrial parks that have become a common part of our environment, paints en plein air at the fringes of the city.

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