The artworld on Facebook: A primer

What�s so good about Facebook? Most art bloggers will tell you it�s a good way to connect with the people who read their blogs. They were at the forefront of innovative social networking in the artosphere, and began setting up their Facebook profile pages back in early 2007, shortly after Facebook lifted the requirement that members be affiliated with an educational institution. Links posted on blogs announced Facebook membership, and a few readers began joining, but initial interest was halting and tentative. Skeptical friends either ignored email invitations to join, or joined but discreetly eschewed their newly created profile pages. The digitally unconnected didn�t feel any need for a �social networking� site at that point, and thought Facebook was for lonely computer geeks, singles looking for love, and college kids. But then, on November 1, 2008 at precisely 9:53 pm, a seismic shift occurred. New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz, whose account had been set up by one of his students, joined Facebook. By January 2009, it seemed as though the entire art world had jumped on his bandwagon….

Read the entire article in the March issue of The Brooklyn Rail


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  2. i’m wondering if having my blog posts imported into my facebook profile actually reduces the number of folks visiting my blog….

    — tony

  3. The worst is that last friend or two still holding out on MYSPACE that you feel obligated to open up your old account for just to post a bulletin you hope they read.

  4. is it true what I’ve heard about posting pictures on Facebook — that Facebook then owns the image copyright?

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