Talking with Terry Winters

On the occasion of Terry Winters�s show at Matthew Marks, Phong Bui, publisher of The Brooklyn Rail, and consulting editors David Levi Strauss and Peter Lamborn Wilson (who are both writing essays on Winters�s work for a forthcoming book from the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin) met with Winters to talk about his new work. “For me, painting�s capacity to make images through the manipulation of materials seems to be its most powerful and magical quality. How a painting is built is a big part of what it means. Mark-making, gesture and touch�those are the key components as to how to generate images through painting. I just hope that each painting is an extension or an expansion of previous work. In terms of the early work, I wanted to move away from the reductive reading botanical and biological imagery encouraged. I wanted, from that point on, to emphasize what I thought were my own concerns and connections with material, process and architecture. I was interested in developing a vitalized geometry, an abstract force that the paintings could embody.” Read more.

Terry Winters: Knotted Graphs,” Matthew Marks, New York, NY. Through Jan. 24.

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