Miami report: Lazy blogger edition

Cribbed directly from Ed Winkleman:

“It’s now officially a week and a day since we returned from Miami, the art shippers have returned our stuff, and we’re neck-deep in follow-up (not to mention slush), but I’ve finally found the time to survey the responses to the annual Artfest in the blogosphere and overall, considering the news out of Washington and Wall Street everyday, it went better than expected. It certainly seemed to be a good year for art. Here’s my round-up of the round-ups.

“Providing perhaps the most comprehensive round-up and so many photos you’ll feel like you were there yourself, Joanne Mattera takes the prize for in-depth coverage of the art on view.

“Also indepth, but more about the overall scene than just the art, per se, Paddy Johnson’s coverage provided plenty of analysis and juicy tidbits.

“Speaking of juicy tidbits, for the best in coverage from the collector’s point of view, our man in the aisle, Mike @ Mao highlights some of the best new finds and even prices.

“For analysis of what it all means, you can’t beat Artworld Salon founder Andr�s Sz�nt‘s wrap-up report. Brian Sherwin also takes a long-term view at myartspace. Roberta and Libby offer a fun-fact-filled summary as well.

“And those are just the bloggers I know personally. Here’s a list of other blogs who covered the fair as well:
Art Market Monitor
{a MUSE me}
Culture Vulture
Kimberly Brooks
Matthew Langley
Tilly Strauss”

Thanks, Ed, for putting together the links list. B’more Art and Amy Wilson also went down there. And check out The Moment. Blogger Brent Burket reports for ArtCal. More thanks to all the people who covered Miami this year while I stayed home and worked in the studio. If you aren’t on the list, and you reported on Miami, feel free to add a link in the Comments section.

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