Holiday shopping guide: Buy art for everyone, even small children

In New York, facebooking Jerry Saltz reports that the last time money left the art world, intrepid types maxed out their credit cards and opened galleries, and a few of them have become the best in the world. Now, as money is leaving art again, history could repeat itself�especially in Bushwick and the Lower East Side, experimentation is percolating. Recommended spots: Reena Spauling, Dispatch, Norte Maar, Lumenhouse, English Kills, and Pocket Utopia. In the eighteen months since it opened, Pocket Utopia, where I’ll be working at some point in January, hasn�t sold a single work to a collector. According to owner/artist Austin Thomas, she’s only sold work to other artists. Currently on view at Pocket Utopia is a solo show by artist Fred Gutzeit that pays homage to the late artist Lee Lozano. Here’s info from the press release: Fred Gutzeit turns Pocket Utopia into a walk-in cosmology of wave, particle and worm hole. In addition, Gutzeit is showing preparatory drawings and relevant sketchbooks. Gutzeit considers Lee Lozano a mentor. The idea for this show came from a notebook that Lozano gave Gutzeit. The notebook, filled with graph paper, was inscribed with this sentiment, �Love to Fred from Lee Lozano.� The notebook was used to plot out the installation for Pocket Utopia. Containing waves (and much, much more) similar in vibe to several Lee Lozano paintings, Gutzeit�s printed and painted whirling, flashing landscape is a spectrumatic fantansia, inspired by Lozano�s rule-based process. Fred Gutzeit expands upons Lee Lozano�s rules, adding higher mathematics and good painterly hunches that map out the space and place of a pocket utopia. In conjunction with the exhibition, Fred Gutzeit will host a salon discussion this Sunday, December 7, 4:00 pm.


  1. I guess a second job is one way to pay for that trip to Venice.

  2. CAP–

    I�ll be taking up residency at Pocket Utopia in Brooklyn, January 11-17. On Sunday, January 18, Austin Thomas and I are organizing a salon, so save the date. Details to come.


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