Doug Harvey’s untidy whatever

LA Weekly art critic Doug Harvey has a show up at the Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery this month. LAVC Dean of Arts Dennis Reed writes that Harvey�s work is lively, slyly humorous, wryly hip, and at times crude. “These works exhibit the wit of an art world insider who chooses to appear at times either erudite or common, skillful or untrained, sophisticated or na�ve. Like most good art, Harvey�s work is subversive and iconoclastic. The broad range of Harvey�s artwork, from drawings to sound pieces, pack the Art Gallery from floor to ceiling with the detritus of his untidy, unabashed creative energy.”

“It’s the beauty of the language versus the function of the language. If people come away from my work wanting to make their own work, or seeing the world differently, more creatively,” said Harvey. “Then I think the message has been received.”

Harvey maintains the art blog DougH On The Go!

Untidy: The Worlds of Doug Harvey,” selected by art collector Diana Zlotnick. Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery, Valley Glen, CA. Through Nov. 25.

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