Joseph Goldberg: Blowtorched encaustics

Veteran painter Joseph Goldberg has a show of new work at Greg Kucera this month. According to Regina Hackett in the Seattle P-I, Goldberg is one of “the country’s first wave of encaustic painters, binding beeswax to linen with industrial heat and pressing powdered pigments into the still-warm surfaces, articulating his forms with a palette knife, a brush and his fingers….In his new work, Goldberg moves past his old touchstones to find the form for his feelings about space itself. The brushy whites in ‘Rain’ (48 inches square) are meant as moonlight. As he painted them, he ‘wanted to be the moonlight coming down, crashing through the black trees…. A painting is an experiment that suggests other experiments. When I’m working, the painting is the space around me. If I could paint mystery, I would.'” Goldberg’s partner Susan Skilling is also a painter.

Joseph Goldberg: Encaustic Paintings,” Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, WA. Through Nov. 8.

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