Sue Williams’s linemaking logic

In the Village Voice Michael Spies writes about his visit to Sue Williams’s Montauk studio where they discussed work for her show, opening today, at David Zwirner. “Her studio space is tight, the walls sparsely adorned with small drawings and paintings made by her 13-year-old daughter, Charlotte…. To our left is a big window looking out onto a newly built McMansion, a real eyesore on this quaint beach street. To our right is a large painting, the last that Williams is finishing for her upcoming David Zwirner Gallery show, ‘Project for the New American Century’ (named for the infamous neoconservative think tank that has so influenced Bush administration policy). The painting, entitled Market Logic,’ looks complete to me, but Williams can’t seem to leave it alone. She spots a small line, squints at it, then wipes it away vigorously with a dry paper towel. ‘A line has to be pleasant,’ she says. ‘It has to�you know�move in a certain way. If you’re a writer, the equivalent would be the writer’s use of syntax. It’s something that’s unique to the creator, your own world.'” Read more.

Sue Williams :Project for the New American Century,” David Zwirner, New York, NY. Through October 25.

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