Old-timers in Provincetown: Herman Maril, Robert Henry

Boston Globe critic Cate McQuaid reports on a few painting shows in Provincetown.

Herman Maril: An Artist’s Two Worlds,” Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA. Through Oct. 12. “You may not know Maril, who died in 1986. He was an artist who leaned into spare representation when his colleagues reveled in abstraction, so his work didn’t fly with the trends. He lived and taught in Baltimore, not New York, where an artist of his caliber might have garnered attention, despite going against the grain. Though he did have a New York gallery, Maril made little effort to market his work. He was content to stay in his studio and paint.”
Robert Henry: Stop, Look, Listen,” Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA.. Through Aug. 31.”Henry has been painting for five decades or more, and he’s as stylistically eclectic as Maril is focused. Sometimes Henry’s work is coyly humorous, sometimes, as in many of the sea-oriented works, quite dark.”

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