Manny Farber: The profundity of existence in its ordinary details

Union-Tribune art critic Robert L. Pincus on painter Manny Farber, who died early Monday morning: “Manny Farber never tired of looking at small things: a flower, a Post-it note or a section of rebar. He never stopped being fascinated with how ‘to get it as I see it,’ as he said one day in his studio. This was the prime paradox of Farber as a painter: He located the profundity of existence in its ordinary details, the everyday things of his life that he valued so much. He wasn’t ever going to try to hit you over the head with meaning or message, by trying to create what he pejoratively referred to as ‘masterpiece art.’ But like the great Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, he gave humble forms a second life, a glow that invested them with a large beauty. Farber died early Monday at 91, in the Leucadia home he shared for many years with wife and fellow artist Patricia Patterson. His career spanned styles and epochs in recent art: Abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, conceptual art all came and went in his lifetime.” Read more.

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