In Sotheby’s promo, Hirst vows to slow production

On Bloomberg Scott Reyburn reports that Damien Hirst will stop making the spin and butterfly paintings that are among his biggest sellers. “Hirst’s trademark spot paintings will still appear, though production of these and formaldehyde works will be reduced, the artist said in a video interview on Sotheby’s Web site….As was the case with Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory,’ most of Hirst’s works are made by studio assistants.
“‘Someone told me there are 800 spot paintings,’ said the London dealer Robert Sandelson in a phone interview. ‘But I’m sure there are more than that.’ In the summer of 2006, Sandelson’s Cork Street gallery hosted a selling exhibition of Hirst works acquired through secondary sources. Recently, dealers have been concerned about overproduction of some paintings.”

The video interview with the artist was created to promote Sotheby’s two-day sale of new Hirst pieces, titled “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever,” to be held in London on Sept. 15 and 16. The 223-lot auction of works entered directly by the artist from his studio may net him more than 65 million pounds ($121.7 million).

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  1. I’m glad Hirst is cutting back on his production. I can feel that he is in a very inventive period right now. One where minimalism is extending its wing. I can imagine ruby red anodized stainless steel with rows and rows of tiny zig-zag amethyst green stools, mushrooms, each with an alizarin cube perched ahead. You better duck, when this guy shows up, he’s the Goo Goo muck.

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