MoMA’s sexism resurfaces (again)

At her well-tended art blog, Joanne Mattera’s specialty is geometric abstraction, so naturally she stopped by to see “Color Chart” at MoMA this week. Joanne disgustedly reports that the exhibition presents a powerful Y chromosome. “Of the 44 artists in the show, 38 are men and six are women. This is the curator’s privilege, of course, but I wonder how such broad parameters could be so exclusionary. You should see Color Chart. It’s a visually powerful show, but to my mind it’s half a show. Spend some time with the two large Jennifer Bartlett pieces–each an installation of enameled squares in her signature dots and grids (alas, no pictures available from the MoMA website)–and Angela Bulloch’s lightbox that flashes the colors of the Macintosh 0S9 operating system (ditto). While those colors are flashing, imagine the reductive color fields of Marcia Hafif, the macro-pointillist compositions of Alma Thomas, the undulating geometries of Bridget Riley, the dyed floor sculptures of Polly Apfelbaum–and make your own list while you’re at it.” Read more.

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