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Group Shows

Confrontational color at Analog Diary

Contributed by Clare Gemima / Analog Diary’s group exhibition “Chromazones” – curated by Derek Eller, Abby Messitte, Katharine Overgaard and Franklin Parrasch – features a wide, intergenerational array of artists. Many works, including Clare Grill’s Plant, Pam Glick’s Cat, Dog, Car, Sky, and Yukine Yanagi’s Chrysalis, are traditional oil paintings. Others utilize unconventional materials, such as glitter, which is found in Chris Martin’s Fireflies, or gemstones, which appear in Alteronce Gumby’s I can’t stop thinking about love. And there are ceramic sculptures, like Peter Shire’s Scozzese and Ken Price’s Iggy. The show confronts viewers with abundant color. While that may be a narrow parameter, here it provides insight into each artist’s approach to material and method of application.


MoMA’s sexism resurfaces (again)

At her well-tended art blog, Joanne Mattera’s specialty is geometric abstraction, so naturally she stopped by to see “Color Chart” at MoMA this week. Joanne disgustedly reports that the exhibition presents a powerful Y chromosome. “Of the 44 artists in the show, 38 are men and six are women. This […]