Pathetic Fallacy (Second Version): Toby Ziegler in Santa Monica

In the LA Times, Christopher Knight reports that 35-year-old British artist Toby Ziegler skillfully mashes up art history and current technology with cheerful, pungent eccentricity in his first solo show in the US. “At once funny, ambitious and loaded with style, the work impresses by virtue of a disarming complexity. At the Patrick Painter Gallery, a two-panel painting repeats one basic motif in each canvas, surrounding it with radically different contexts. The lower portion of both large canvases shows a lumpy shape bound by a thickly painted, shaggy red line and dotted with a pattern of neatly contoured ovals in red, orange, yellow and white. Resolutely abstract, the colorful shape nonetheless evokes a Technicolor sunset amid billowy clouds. In a similar manner, the hand-painted patterned ovals suggest digital printing techniques without mimicking computer graphics. ” Read more.

FYI: “Pathetic Fallacy (Second Version)” is a sculpture of a small-scale mammoth, a tragic creature that exists only in our imagination. The title, “Pathetic Fallacy” describes the literary term of assigning human qualities to an inanimate object.

Toby Ziegler: The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse,” Patrick Painter Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. Through March 29.

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  1. Great article! I am personally a huge fan of Disney artwork.

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