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For readers like me who are drawn to dopey famous-people-who-paint stories, The Observer’s Casper Llewellyn Smith points out five painter/rockers today.
Marilyn Manson The controversial goth rocker paints disturbing watercolours. His first show, The Golden Age of Grotesque, was held in Los Angeles in 2002 and was likened by one critic to the works of a ‘psychiatric patient given materials to use as therapy’.
Ron Wood The Rolling Stone studied at Ealing Art College and often paints portraits of famous people. Art critic Brian Sewell called him ‘an accomplished and respectable artist’, and The South Bank Show devoted a show to his work.
Paul Simonon Another art school alumnus, Simonon kept on painting after he became the bassist for the Clash, but stopped after the band made it big. He is now a respected painter of London landscapes.
Joni Mitchell The singer-songwriter says that she is ‘a painter first, and a musician second‘, and has been working and exhibiting since the Sixties.
John Squire The Stone Roses guitarist has been heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock’s action paintings and his most famous work appeared on the cover of the band’s eponymous debut album. Read more.


  1. Oh, and don’t forget Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, both of Sonic Youth. Gordon’s been involved in the arts for quite a long time actually, and I even think she has a show right now!

  2. There’s also Richard Butler of the Psychadelic Furs.

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